Our holidays…..

Well we had a fantastic holiday in Cornwall, the dogs were absolutely fantastic and were in doggy heaven!!

Our drive down was an early start, but with only 2 stops for toilet and water breaks we did it in 6 hours, so arrived at noon and both dogs slept almost all the way there, what a result!! Our boys didn’t as they were so excited.

Once we arrived, we took them round for the obligatory sniff and let them acquaint themselves with our field, then they went on the leads secured to the ground with the fantastic spike that kept both my feisty Springer’s secure and safe.

I think on average they both walked at least 6 hours each day, so they were absolutely pooped. On one of the days, we had lots of rain and there was only one way to spend that day, in our comfy clothes, inside the tent reading , playing games and drinking red wine. I have never seen my dogs look so relieved NOT to be going out!!

We started out the holiday, full of good intentions about them sleeping on their own bed with a blanket, but after only 1 night, they managed to wiggle their way into our bedroom and the boys bedroom. One morning I woke up to find Fern fast asleep on Sam’s blow up bed and him on the floor next to her in his sleeping bag, both happy just to be sleeping together!! Alfie had the right idea and slept on his back, right between Dave and me, with his nose planted firmly in my hair or on my cheek!! I have to confess, Dave and I both loved having them with us at night, and really had to have a talk with ourselves about not weakening when we got home!!

The beaches around our campsite were all dog friendly, with Dog Rangers in the car parks, ensuring you had plenty of poo bags and that the dogs had fresh water, I was so impressed, it was wonderful for them to be made so welcome, of course I understand the reason for it, but the positive way in which they handled it was lovely.

On the few occasions when we fancied some nice warm pub grub, we had two great dog friendly pubs up the road, which was fantastic, we never once had to worry about leaving them in the car or having to leave an adult behind to look after them. The Cornish people truly understand the important role our dogs have within a family.

Other than the stinky bog that Fern managed to find and dive into, just before bed!! Yes, that was lovely of her just before she snuggled in for the night. We all had the best time ever, and feel so happy for the boys to have had the dogs with us, to be part of their childhood memories. Both dogs even managed to sleep through the 9 hour drive home, which was a bit of a nightmare, but they were fabulous and so were our boys who had one each asleep on their laps. Heaven for all concerned.

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