Helen walking 2

Hi, my name is Helen Lilley and I started Puptopia in June 2015. I am married to Dave, we have 2 boys, Ben and Sam and have lived in Cuddington for 12 years. We have 2 Springer Spaniels, Alfie who is 3 and Fern who is 1 and as you can imagine they need a lot of exercise. This is how my business started, as I found that I was at my happiest when walking the dogs out in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, getting muddy and having fun. We also have an elderly cat, who we rescued when she was a kitten with her 4 other siblings, sadly they died recently, so we are left with our old lady Pica, who is 17 but still keeps the dogs in their place!

My professional background is in Global Logistics, I have spent the last 25 years working in offices & training rooms and I really wanted to change my life. When my youngest son started school in 2012, I chose to leave my full time office job to be a stay at home Mum. It was at this point we met and fell in love with Alfie. We had promised the boys a dog as soon as it was practical, so within the same week that I left my job, we picked up our beautiful boy, then 2 years later we got our gorgeous Fern, they both share the same Mum and are so happy together. Alfie is the doting and protective big brother and Fern takes full advantage of this, she is the cheeky one!!

They have quite literally changed my life, I walk every day for at least 3 miles, I have met some wonderful friends whilst out walking and have got a lot fitter. They have made our family perfect, ( although, I am always open to having another dog!!)

I wanted to start Puptopia as I heard many people say that they wish they could give their dogs big walks each day, but they are working, haven't got the time, or sometimes aren't feeling physically up-to it. I know how time-consuming and what a big commitment it is take your dogs out for a good walk every day. I love dogs, I really enjoy their company, they are all so different, but such loyal, lovely animals, with wonderful personalities. Walking them, playing with them, caring for them is quite simply the best 'job' in the world.