All our services will offer you peace of mind, knowing that whilst you are working, have a busy day ahead, can't face the bad weather or just really need some help and a break from walking then your beloved pet will be cared for and is enjoying a lovely walk and some company.

We also offer home visits, to feed the cat or to give your dog their medicine if they aren't able to be walked. It may be that your older dog is happier at home but you would like them to have some company and an opportunity to relieve themselves. We can also help support you with your puppy, visiting your home once or twice a day by arrangement. We can let your puppy out to relieve themselves, have a play, feed them and when necessary, clean up any ‘accidents’! It is important that your puppy isn't left alone all day, as they will be bored and lonely, which can lead to destruction within the home and also behavioural issues as they mature.

An initial visit to your home is necessary, so that your dog and you get a chance to meet Helen to discuss any requirements and to feel happy with all our terms & conditions. It will also be better for your dog if they meet Helen for the first time in their home with their loved one present.

Our services are all fully insured with Cliverton Pet Insurance specialists, and a DBS (CRB) check has been done for any staff involved with walking your dog, or entering your home. All keys in my care will be locked away in a secure location, with no addresses attached.