Dog Walking

At Puptopia, we believe that a dogs walk should be enjoyable, varied and a really pleasant experience. The Kennel Club recommend 40 minutes walk each day for a dog over 1 year old. We want to give your dog the opportunity to walk in a variety of different places and take in the local beautiful Cheshire countryside, whether that is Marbury Park, Delamere Forest, Whitegate Way, Marshall's Arm or any other lovely spot we discover on our journey.

We are happy to walk your dog off the lead if this is preferable to you, however we will need your  written consent. We will carry a whistle and treats, so whatever recall method works best for your dog, we will use that.

Alternatively, we will also be happy to spend our time together with your dog, taking a gentle stroll along the pavement or around the local area, if your dog prefers that.

We feel it is really important that the hour we spend together is interesting and stimulating, so they not only enjoy the exercise, but they feel that they have had some lovely human interaction.

To ensure you get the times & dates you want, then the earlier you book the greater the chance of availability.

It is preferable for the comfort of your dog that we use their lead, but if for any reason you would prefer us not to, we will have a lead available.

To keep you fully informed of what walk we have done, we will text or email you a GPS report, which will show you the route we have taken that day. I will also send you a brief update at the end of each week, to keep you informed as to what your dog has done that week, whether they made a new friend or really enjoyed a particular part of the walk.

We walk no more than 6 dogs at anytime, but if you would prefer your dog to have a private walk with no other dogs, than this is also available.


Whitegate Way

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Marshall’s Arm

Marshalls Arm

Marbury Country Park

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Delamere Forest

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