Home Visits

Our Home Visit service is for those families who need support during the day to care for their pet.

It may be that you have an elderly dog who needs to relieve himself and maybe have a little cuddle or stroll around your garden. They may need medication administered whilst you are out at work, or just need a daytime feed. Our Home Visits will allow us to help you in all these areas.

For any family who has recently brought home a gorgeous new puppy, we can visit your home as many times in the day as you would like, to let your puppy out to relieve themselves and also to have some 'playtime' with them. Once they are fully vaccinated we can start introducing them to gentle walks outside the garden. The Kennel Club recommends 5 minutes exercise for every month in age until they are fully grown, to protect their developing joints. It is essential that your puppy isn't left alone all day, we will work with you to establish the routine your puppy needs to ensure they grow up happy and well adjusted.

It is not only dogs who need some attention, we are also more than happy to help with your other pets, if they need their medication or perhaps you want them to have some company. We are more than happy to discuss any of your pets needs and want to support you wherever possible.

Elderly Black Dog


Puppy Playing