Overnight Boarding

Our overnight boarding & weekend boarding service is for those families who may wish to have a night or a weekend away without your dog. There are certain occasions when you may have wanted to stay over at a friends or have a weekend break, but you haven't been able to because, "who will look after the dogs!". Whatever the reason may be, we can help care for your dog overnight.

Our overnight boarding service will mean your dog gets to stay in a family home, which is dog friendly and safe. We can provide them with a lovely bed in our family room, or if you would prefer then they can bring their own bed, or cage, whatever your dog feels most comfortable with.

They will be taken out for an hours walk and will be welcomed into the family for the evening or weekend.

You will need to provide all food and advise if they have any specific routines which will help them settle in, of course, you would be very welcome to come round first for a cup of tea and give you and your dog chance to see the place and decide if they like it! We have 2 dogs, but they will sleep outside in their kennels, so your dog will not be disturbed by them at night.